Project SOAR ...

Designs customized classes and activities for Adults with Physical and Developmental Disabilities in cooking, arts & crafts, recreation and more!

Provides social outings like Field trips, Dances and BINGO!

Provides Workshops and training for family members & professional caretakers.

Provides assistance for people who want to attend School District Community Education classes listed in their catalog. Assistance consists of:
+ Sign language interpreters
+ Classroom assistants
+ Instruction strategies
+ Note takers

Generates a Catalog 3 times per year that provides information about classes, activities, events and resources in our area.

Locates space for disability-related programs.

Provides Tuition assistance to attend Project SOAR and Community Education classes in the 4 districts.

Provides information and referral to disability related resources.

Collaborates with other recreation providers to fill gaps in recreation/leisure areas.

Benefits from volunteers!

Project SOAR can help you participate in any Community Education Class in our four supporting districts

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